About me

I’m Zeshan Khattak, certified laravel developer with experience of full stack web application developer. I started my career as a PHP Developer after achieving my graduation degree in computer science with programming as major subject in 2010.

2010-2013: After working for 3 years in Pakistan for Discretelogix Pvt Ltd and Zeropoint.hr, I moved to Dubai for getting international exposure.

2013-2018: From 2013 - 2018, I worked for Track24 Pvt Ltd in Dubai. Track24 is a small MNC organization that helps governments, banks, oil & gas sectors to track and ensure their employees’ safety through mobile and web applications.

2018-2019: In 2018, I had to move to Germany for another sweet challenge and worked there for one year for AboutYou Gmbh. AY is the fastest growing ecommerce company in Europe.

2019-present: After working for 10 years in industry, I finally switched to remote work. Initially, it was challenging for me and my family however I got settled down with it after couple of months. Since then, I’m enjoying it.